The Path

Life is meaningless without God; but God is unknowable when all your focus is on His material creation.

Follow the path of devotion and you can know Him, experiencing the highest love and bliss.


Bhakti‘ means love and devotion to the Divine. Living bhakti is our path of consciously loving God, not just on the surface, but deeply within our hearts in every moment of our lives.

Paramahamsa Vishwananda teaches that realising God is the ultimate purpose of having a human existence. He is here to guide you along the path and help you to live bhakti by cultivating your own unique and personal relationship with the Divine.

With the Master, living in such elevated state is not only for yogis or saints! It is a real possibility in this lifetime for all of us.


True knowledge and sincere practise can lead to what we call ‘Self-realisation’, where you experience your own divinity. But that’s not the end.

To progress beyond that is to realise the source of life itself found in all creation, which we call ‘God-realisation.’ God-realisation is important because it frees you from the cycle of birth and death, and allows you to see the eternal reality that underlies everything.

To achieve that, Bhakti Marga offers a unique and holistic four-armed approach rooted in time-honoured spiritual traditions.